10 Epic Quotes from Do Epic Shit

Motivational quotes from Ankur Warikoo and my insights on them.

Sometimes we just need some reminders to keep us focused on our goals. So I have compiled 10 epic quotes from Do Epic Shit to keep you motivated and maybe give you some helpful insights.

10 epic quotes from Do Epic Shit:

Quote #1

“The trick to waking up early is not waking up early. It is sleeping on time!”

I concur with this quote.

I think it’s really important to listen to your body, and to go to sleep when you’re tired.

The way I see it is, the better rested you are, the quicker you can get to work when you start your new day.

Quote #2

“The pro is the amateur who simply showed up every day.”

This reminds me of the discussion of whether or not it is better to have talent, or work ethic.

It may seem obvious to some that having talent is the better gift, but remember, there’s a lot of talented people who got complacent and didn’t keep improving their skills.

Sometimes finding success is just about being consistent.

Quote #3

“If you are unhappy with where you are in life right now, do not wait to find out what you should be doing. Move out of where you are in life!”

I believe in moments of reflection. But we have to make sure they are actually just moments. And that we are not dwelling for weeks, months, or years.

Quote #4

“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

I’ve had to tell many loved ones that they need to stop saying no on behalf of strangers whom they’ve yet to speak to.

Too many people think they’re not going to get something when they haven’t even asked for it yet.

Quote #5

“The greatest illusion is that life should be perfect!”

I think one’s perspective with this idea is going to depend on their wisdom.

I think once you have more life experience you learn to appreciate the little things more; silly misunderstandings, tiny imperfections.

Quote #6

“Most decisions in life are reversible. But we assume they are set in stone. The second we think decisions are reversible, we start giving serendipity a chance!”

This quote reminded me of a meeting between Gary Vaynerchuk and business professionals where he tried to instill in the them fact that it is okay to change one’s mind.

Too often we think a decision is set in stone, and that our customers/fans would hate us if we switched things up.

Don’t let your future be so constrained. Give your customers/fans a heads up, change your mind, and move forward with your decisions.

Quote #7

“Knowing when to say no and saying it is a life skill.”

I think a lot of people were taught that saying no to someone is an act of rudeness. I wish more people were comfortable with being selfish. Especially in reference to their dreams

Maybe then more people would be able to accomplish them.

Quote #8

“If everyone did it, it wouldn’t need to be said.”

This quote made me think of a similar quote: “common sense is not so common”.

We often think certain mindsets are obvious, but the fact is, we have to keep repeating them because sadly, there’s some people out there who just don’t get it yet.

Quote #9

“I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer.”

I’ve heard similar quotes like this. That being rich isn’t the answer. And they’re always hard for me to believe.

Especially when they’re often said by people who are already rich.

I do believe though that throughout life we should be focused on other important things than just wealth.

I don’t think that wealth should be the answer, but sadly, most of us live in societies that benefit the wealthiest.

Quote #10

“If unsure between two choices, picking both is almost always the wrong response.”

I look at this as a pro or con depending on a person’s skill level.

Some people get crippled by handling too many things at once.

Some people are so good at moving fast, and making decisions quickly that because they’re so determined and clear-headed, they can easily accomplish both choices.

As always, this is all a game of self-awareness.

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