Often when we create, we are drawing inspiration from the deepest part of ourselves. We touch on aspects of our fears, our joys, our wants and needs. We often get so wrapped up in the mundane repetition of life that we slowly lose our self identity. Creating allows us to feel. To emote versions of our inner self we often keep hidden. This is extremely good for increasing our self awareness because we begin to understand who we are and what we value.


You don’t always have someone to talk to when things go wrong. When life happens and you find yourself in situations filled with anger, and sadness, we often turn to someone we trust to vent. We all need a release. When someone you care about or trust isn’t there, a good way to attain that release is to create. Write a poem. Compose a song. Make a drawing or a painting. Some people can simply take pain and make it disappear. But for others, it can be extremely cathartic to purge that pain through self expression. Turn a difficult emotion into art.


If creating is a mode of self expression, then one of it’s greatest benefits is leaving behind a mark of who we once were. Humans have been leaving their marks on the world for centuries. Everything you make is a memory. An imprint on the world displaying an idea of who you are.

When we have an emotion that was so powerful that we needed to transform it into art, that emotion now lives in another form for others to reflect upon. Our creations have the ability to impact others. And that can really serve to continue the life of powerful messages.