5 Boilerplates helping you build fast

Explore these 5 powerful boilerplates designed to help you streamline your process and build faster.

An indiehacker. A solopreneur. A lone maker.

They work tirelessly on their projects hoping to one day reach financial freedom with their creations. They need tools to get their work done. They need tools to streamline their efficiency and help them build fast.

Let’s take a look at some.

5 Boilerplates helping you build fast

5 Boilerplates helping you build fast


Gravity Boilerplate

Gravity is specifically designed to help you build fast. They claim to be able to help you launch a Saas product in as little as 5 minutes.


  • 52 Tailwind (or SCSS) styled components included
  • Over 400 companies and developers trust Gravity
  • Secure authentication with brute-force protection, account lockouts and 2FA
  • Monetise your SaaS app with a pre-built Stripe billing system
  • Manage your users from the mission control app
  • A 4.5 out of 5 TrustScore on TrustPilot

Serverless SaaS

Serverless Boilerplate

A starter kit for your Saas product. It helps you build fast by saving you months in development time.


  • Start with a nice landing page that includes a blog
  • Allow users to sign up and log in to your SaaS application
  • Easily send emails from your application
  • Start with a custom admin panel
  • Allow your customers to manage a team and invite other members


Wave Boilerplate

Wave helps you craft your Saas quickly and efficiently. Use it as a starter kit for your project.

  • Fully loaded authentication, email verification, and password reset
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Grant user permissions based on roles
  • Create new plans with different features
  • Ready-to-consume API for your application


Jumpstart Boilerplate

Jumpstart helps you build fast with Ruby on Rails. They want you to be able to focus on your business with less stress.

  • Choose from many payment providers
  • First-class multitenancy support lets you share resources
  • Keep your customers in the loop with new features and update announcements
  • Pull in updates to your Jumpstart Pro app at anytime
  • Your Jumpstart Pro app comes with a staging environment out of the box 

React Milkshake

Milkshake Boilerplate

React Milkshake is designed with performance in mind so that you can concentrate on your business. It is aimed at simplicity and built with quality code.

  • Code splitting will boost the performance of your application
  • Generate components for rapid development
  • Start with a boilerplate designed for scalability, performance and productivity
  • Your initial setup includes styled-components
  • Use Redux to refresh the page without losing the data in your store

My picks

While all of these boilerplates are aimed at helping you start faster, a couple have quality features that should be identified.


Jumpstart would be a good choice for founders because it seems to be created by devs whoa actually teach the subject matter. That provides me with a bit of confidence that if they have a successful learning program, they’re probably going to have sufficient knowledge in their creation process.


Gravity is also a really good choice for founders because they seem to have the most social proof on their landing page. Not only do they have a good TrustPilot score, but they also provide you with valuable stats:

  • 439 companies and developers trust Gravity
  • Developers saved $21,072,000
  • They also saved 210,720 hours

Another thing I just noticed is that Gravity seems to have the most features. That’s going to be a huge advantage when it comes to ensuring a dev can build their product faster.

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