50 Digital Products you can sell right now

An extensive list of 50 digital products you can sell right now.

As a multifaceted creator, I believe that more people should be taking advantage of the internet (hence this article for 50 Digital Products you can sell right now). If you’re in need of an additional income stream, it is now simpler than ever for you to grow that income stream on the internet.

If you have a skill, a talent, or an idea, there could be someone somewhere out there who could really benefit from your knowledge and/or skills. Why not create a mutually beneficial scenario where you can get funds, and they can learn something new?

How do we create this mutually beneficial scenario?

Well, we set up an ecommerce shop, and we sell a digital product.

50 Digital Products you can sell right now

What is a digital product?

A digital product is basically an intangible commodity that can exist on the internet. It is not a physical item such as clothing, stationary, or food. The customer would receive some form of digital asset from you such as a PNG or PDF file.

The advantage of selling digital products over physical products is that you can sell them repeatedly without having to worry about your inventory.

Why sell digital products over physical products?

  1. No need for a physical location: you can sell your product from anywhere in the world.
  2. No extra costs: no need for staff, less supplies, no packaging, no storage, no shipping.
  3. No inventory: you have unlimited amounts of your product. No need to stock up the shelves.
  4. No time constraints: because a digital store doesn’t have store hours, you can sell at any time of the day.

Digital products are one of the easiest ways for anyone to achieve passive income because it is a product that you only need to make once, and then call sell even when you’re no longer working on it.

Am I qualified enough to sell a digital product?

A lot of people may think they have to be an expert, or a professional to sell something. But you have to keep in mind that it’s not about being an expert.

It’s about being knowledgeable.

Do you know something someone else doesn’t? Will they benefit from knowing what you know? Will your knowledge solve their problem?

Yes? Then just start making.

What types of digital products can you sell?

Some may say you shouldn’t stretch yourself too thin, and that you should only focus on one product. I say this is all a game of self-awareness. Do what works for you. Try creating different products and discover what you’re best at.

Don’t just think about making, actually make.

Here are some types of products you can sell right now:


Someone has a problem and you have the solution? Why not create a course? Embolden your inner teacher and educate your audience.


Knowledgeable on a particular topic? Why not write about it?

See an example


Not everyone can draw. Can you? Why not share your art with the world?

See an example


Have a good eye? Do you love capturing beautiful moments? Why not sell your photography?

See an example


There are a lot of creators nowadays who could really benefit from background music and beats. Why not make and sell them?

With so many ecommerce marketplaces with affordable options, it is now easier than ever for you to sell different types of digital products.

50 Digital Products you can sell right now

Whenever you’re trying to come up with an idea for a product to sell, just think, what would make someone’s life easier? What product would remove friction from their lives?

Often the answer to a great product will be something you wanted for yourself. That’s why I created Dreams To Journeys. This site is something I would have wanted. I figured you know what, so would other people. So I made it.

So if you’re ever working on a project, and you wish there was just an easier way to get something done, if you just took the time to create the answer to your own problem, you could have a winning product on your hands.

Here are 50 digital products you can sell right now:

A Canva template

Not everyone wants to spend time designing. Make a Canva template so your fellow creators can get started faster.

A Notion template

A lot of students use Notion to improve their productivity. You can help them get to work faster by making workspaces for them to organize their work and/or life.

See an example

A Document template

A lot of people struggle with format and layout issues. Why not create a template for them so they can get started faster?

See an example

A Game

With platforms like itch.io, it is now easier than ever to distribute and sell your game on the internet. One of the advantages of a gaming community is that even if you’re game isn’t finished, if people like it enough, they will be willing to wait for your game to launch.

A Checklist

Many people can benefit from a little guidance now and then. Why not make a checklist to keep them on track?

See an example

A Step-by-step guide

Step-by-step guides are perfect for when you don’t want to make a video, but still want to show someone what to do next. I would say they’re one step up above a checklist, and one step below a full tutorial. Pop in some screenshots, or use a guide tool like Scribe.

Make a tutorial

YouTube tutorials are not only good as an everlasting income stream, but they can help establish your brand as an authority on a topic.

A Daily planner

People have different ways of keeping track of their day. A planner can be versatile as you can sell them in many different forms. You can sell Notion planners or even downloadable planners like printables.

A Photo Filter or preset

Lots of photographers sell LUTs to their fans. Even if you’re not that skilled yet, you can even sell filter info for different apps like Instagram and VSCO.

A Stock photo pack

There’s a lot of free stock photography out there. But after a while, a lot of them can seem generic for a brand. Why not make your own photo packs in your own unique style?

A Stock Video Pack

Every day more and more people become YouTubers. If you already have access to a camera, why not help out those creators by selling them background videos?

See an example

An online course

One of the biggest benefits of online courses is that if they are about an important and evergreen topic, you can benefit from continuous views for years to come. If you can make it extremely valuable, viewers will return to watch you again to stay informed.

See an example

An email course

If your course is too niche, or too complicated for the average person, it may be more beneficial for you to target straight to a specific group. It may be advantageous for you to charge a premium for acceptance into a tight-knit community with an intimate email correspondence.

A Free Newsletter

If you’re knowledgeable on a particular topic and can garner a large audience, advertisers will be willing to purchase ad spots from you.

See an example

A Paid Newsletter

In many cases, when it comes to newsletters, die-hard fans may be willing to pay for additional features. Those features could be no ads, additional knowledge, or even private communication access.

A Copywriting Template

Businesses want their products to stand out. Why not sell guides to show them what kind of headlines or ad copy to use?

A Social Media Template

Every day another creator is born. But they don’t know how to start, or how to get their posts seen. Why not sell social media templates so they can get started quicker?

Social media Engagement packs

Sadly, yet true, a lot of businesses don’t have the time to connect with their fans. Why not be the person to sell them engaging posts they can use to connect with their fans?

See an example

Airtable Content

A lot of people will pay for content if it’s valuable enough. If you’re knowledgeable in a certain topic, you can provide free info, and then charge for greater access to more info with locked content on Airtable.

A No-code App

A lot of creators will benefit from a tool that reduces friction. If your product helps them do something faster, or easier, people will buy it.

A Mobile App

Mobile is now a part of people’s everyday lives. If you have a web app, it’s going to be beneficial to make a mobile version of it.

A List website

A lot of people have made wiki-like websites because once you figure out the design, it’s just a matter of inputting data. If there’s a topic you’re already passionate about, why not make a website listing data about that topic?

A Membership Website

If your course is very large and extensive, it may be better to turn it into a full-blown membership site and charge for continued access.

UI Elements

Sell user interface elements so that UX/UI Designers can design quicker.

See an example

Code Snippets

Sell code snippets so Web Developers can solve problems and create quicker.

A Browser Plugin

Take advantage of the millions of users who use browsers and sell them a plugin that would make a particular process easier.

A WordPress Plugin

The majority of websites on the internet use WordPress. Why not take advantage of the market and sell users a much-needed plugin?

A WordPress Theme

With millions of websites on the internet being WordPress websites, yet there’s only a handful of themes that users love, there’s actually a large market for a new and better theme to come along and make a statement.

A Ghost Theme

Ghost is a rising platform for a lot of new creators. Why not take advantage of the market and sell website designs?

A Notion Theme

Many creators use services like Super to turn their Notion pages into complete websites. Why not sell these creators pre-made designs?

A Wix Template

Wix is perfect for businesses that just want to get started faster. You can make their process easier by selling them premade templates.

A Squarespace Template

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders and hosting companies. If you ever made Squarespace templates, you’d have a very large customer base.

A Carrd Template

Carrd is an amazing website builder for frugal beginners. To ensure their sites look unique, you can sell creators Carrd templates.

See an example

A Sales Funnel Course or guide

A lot of new businesses may not know how to market or sell their product. Why not provide a course or guide to help them?

An icon pack

Selling icon packs is perfect for graphic designers as you not only get to learn new designs, but you can take this a step further into an additional service of selling custom packs.

An Illustration pack

A lot of digital artists can make a living by selling varying types of illustration packs.

See an example

A Webflow Template

Webflow is one of the best platforms when it comes to designing a website. Selling Templates to businesses would enable you to give them a look no one else has.

A logo pack

Help businesses with their brand image by selling them logo packs.

Sell an NFT

If you’re already good at graphic design, you can take advantage of the popularity of the Web 3 market and sell NFTs.

Sell Wallpapers

Help people with their device aesthetic by selling them wallpapers for their mobile phones or desktops.

Sell a Consultation

Services like Calendly allow you to easily schedule meetings so you can sell your time and expertise.

Adobe Illustrator Templates

A lot of designers may know how to create but may not know how to start. You can make their process easier with layout templates.

A Product Mockup

While it is easier for people to sell their own products if they’re not marketing them properly, how is anyone going to buy from them? You can help out sellers by selling them product mockups.

A stock Background Music Pack

A lot of beginners take advantage of free music, but you can help them stand out by making background music for their videos.

A stock sound effects pack

Don’t underestimate the power of sound effects in videos. Certain social media services would have never been as popular as they were without the usage of sound effects.

An avatar pack

There are a lot of people on social media who don’t like showing their faces. Why not help them out and sell them social media profile avatars?

See an example

A Social media styling guide

With so many influencers trying to get popular online, they could benefit from a styling guide showing them what dimensions they need to focus on for the many different social media platforms.

A print-on-demand styling guide

With print-on-demand services, it is now easier than ever to sell your own merchandise. But a lot of design styles come out with bad colors and distorted sizes. Why not sell styling guides to help brands out?

Amazon KDP Templates

Create Amazon KDP templates for those who wish to sell no-content books.

Amazon Author styling guide

Help out new authors with info on how to make their novels look professional on Amazon.

A font pack

Brands want to stand out. Perhaps your unique typography can help them do that.

50 Digital Products you can sell right now

Now, how do you market your product?

Social media

Never underestimate the power of social media. Too many people want to go straight to paid ads when we’re now living in the best time to get free marketing.

Find the most popular social media app, spend 50 hours learning how it works, and post, post, post.

In 2021, TikTok got more traffic than Google, and yet there are still businesses who think it’s a dancing app.

My recommendation for someone selling a product today would be to spend time on TikTok (or whatever social media app the trending), learn the newest trends, find the best hashtags for their niche, and to post 3-5 times a day.

Educate your audience on your product, show your product in use, and show viewers how your product will provide them with value.

As creators, we have to start thinking of social media as marketing tools. Too many creators get romantic with the platform that got them popular and refuse to evolve.

An email list

If you already have a newsletter audience, this will be a no-brainer. If you don’t consider building one. Social media platforms gain hype, and then they die. But what do you need to get on every single one of these social media platforms? An email.

While you create, you should consider growing an email list so you can not only build a community but build a stream of constant supporters. If you have true fans, you may not even need to market your products as much.

Give it away for free

There are a lot of people who don’t believe in this strategy. And it’s not an easy one. Especially when you’re really in need of funds.

The idea of putting in hard work just to give your product away for free can understandably be really difficult for a lot of people. So why do this? Why give your product away for free?

  1. Giving away a product for free builds brand. People start liking you before they even know you.
  2. Which is another reason why you should give your product away for free. No one knows you. Why should they buy from you when they have no idea if they should trust you?

To ensure you didn’t do all of your hard work for nothing, what I would recommend is that you either give away your product for a limited time to create a buzz, or, to only give away a partial version of your product.

This method of marketing is especially beneficial for artists and graphic designers. If you’re selling a graphic pack of 50 illustrations, you can market your product by giving away a graphic pack of 10 illustrations. A lot of artists give away all their products for free because once that creates a lot of attention, consumers come back asking for custom designs, which is where designers will be able to charge consumers for a premium service.

And finally, Where can we set up our ecommerce shops?

One of the most frustrating things I encountered when researching ecommerce platforms was that so many people recommended Shopify.

It’s an amazing service, but I just need to sell my product. I don’t need to set up a new brand, or figure out how to create a website. And I don’t have the capital to pay $30 a month. Especially when I don’t have guaranteed sales coming in yet.

I just want to post my product, right now.

Here are some ecommerce platforms to sell digital products quickly, and simply:

(All of these platforms allow users to start for free)


Gumroad is amazing because of the features you get for free. You can set up memberships, or subscriptions, accept payments in different currencies, create discount codes, and even handle collecting emails.

Gumroad makes it really easy to post a product and share a link to it on social media.

Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squeezy now follows a similar payment structure to Gumroad so that means users can now post a product for free. One of their perks over Gumroad is that they seem to accept more payment options than Gumroad.

Lemon Squeezy has a beautiful and modern checkout process. I would recommend them if you currently have a landing page or website.


A perk of Payhip is that for free, you’re able to launch your own store. So, you can make a product page, and then as your product listings increase, you can expand into a full-blown ecommerce store without leaving the platform.


Ko-fi is a perfect platform for when you get tips from your audience because they don’t take any fees on donations.

Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is very similar to Ko-fi in their offerings, but I believe is a bit more well-known and as such may be better for your product’s future awareness.

Ko-fi and Buy Me a Coffee have amazing features, but their downside when compared to the other platforms is that their looks may not match the brand of a lot of creators.

Out of all these platforms, I would advise creators to focus their research on Gumroad and Payhip for setting up an ecommerce shop.

Other people’s ecommerce shops

Many creators do not take advantage of setting up their own affiliate programs. Affiliate programs allow you to share any sales you generate with people who have marketed your products.

One of the biggest reasons to choose Gumroad as your ecommerce shop is because they have a really good affiliate program that sellers can set up. If there is someone with a large audience who is willing to market your product, you could benefit from a lot more sales.

Get started now.

I hope this article brought you value. And I hope it gave you a bit more knowledge on what to make, where to market, and where to sell.

What I don’t want to happen though, is for you to spend all your time reading this, and nothing comes from it. Don’t let your creative thoughts stop you from executing your creative actions.

Do you have too many ideas about something? Flip a coin, and pick one.

Doesn’t work out? No problem.

On to the next one.

Please get started today.

I wish you well on your journey.

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