About Free Lofi

A simplified free music library for creators.

I created FREE LOFI for three reasons:

1. I really like listening to Lo-Fi music.

2. To raise awareness of my brand.

3. To simplify music discovery for creators.

In 2020, like a lot of us, I started to do a lot of my work from home. Anytime I was working on a project and needed to get in the zone, I would find some random low fidelity song, and have it playing in the background.

During one of my work sessions, I discovered that many independent artists were freely sharing their music in order to promote their albums.

I noticed a movement in music communities where music creators and other content creators were supporting each other. Independent artists needed promotion, and many content creators needed background music for their videos. If the music could be funded by streaming ads, then it would be easier to offer free music options to creators.

This is my attempt to honor that movement.

The music on freelofi.com has been compiled by me through creation, music generators, and commissions.
You’ll find that some of the music will be the usual melodic composition, and some will be looping beats. This is to ensure that creators have options depending on what kind of media they’re creating.

Though there may be paid products and services to help pay for my time, the web hosting, and more music, it is my intention to keep the album’s of music on FREE LOFI free forever.

You never have to purchase a product or the music, but if you choose to buy a product from the FREE LOFI shop, or if you choose to purchase the music from a streaming provider, or if you choose to donate, thank you so much for helping.

Funds will go towards the website hosting, and increasing the FREE LOFI music library.

Most of my projects are born from the desire to give to others what I lack. This is a service I would have really benefitted from years ago and it makes me happy to share it with others.

So, if you end up liking and downloading any of the music, thank you for bringing me value, and I hope I helped.

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