Dreams To Journeys is a one stop location for free digital resources.

An index of software, websites, and learning resources that can inspire progression and creativity.

It is a collection of digital content creation tools found across the internet.

Dreams To Journeys is perfect for beginners who need frugal tools to help them start a simple task, a creative project, or a future business.

Dreams To Journeys was made to help anyone with an idea get from point A, to point B.

Use this index to learn: increase your knowledge, discover social media hacks, and prove your skills with certificates.

Use this index to create: explore your creativity, make designs, and pour out your content.

Use this index to market: promote your content, grab the attention of your audience, increase your following, and find new customers.

Use this index to sell: try out eCommerce solutions, explore marketplaces, be an internet vendor, sell your service, content, or product.

Use this index to relax: take a break from all of your hard work, play some games to ease some stress, or meditate to give your mind a rest.

Take your dream from a passive idea, to an active journey.

At Dreams To Journeys I seek to highlight truly free resources on the internet. That means no attribution, copyright free, royalty free resources.

There are some resources that are too useful to not include even though they may include paid plans, or charge very slight fees.

These recommendations will usually have free plans which I recommend trying out before considering an upgrade.

I’ve tried to exclude any ambiguous payment schemes. Be aware though that mistakes can be made, and licenses can change, so I advise to keep yourself informed of the licenses on these sites and even download them for your own records.

If you find any good free resources, please feel free to let me know.


If you spot any broken links, or resources that are no longer free, please feel free to let me know.


When it comes to creating products that you may one day monetize, you want to ensure that what you make on websites, can be used in a commercial situation.

When you find a resource you want to use, I advise you to store a copy of their copyright license for your own records.

Here are some links to keep yourself informed:

Copyright Tips To Stay Informed

Creative Commons Website

Certain fundamentals of business are really simple.

Not easy mind you, but simple.

Have a good product, communicate that product to the masses by gaining their attention, have patience while building awareness, and hopefully people buy your product if you’ve provided enough value.

These resources help you learn new skills, create products, build attention, and then sell your products.

I try to find a balance between free and useful.

Dreams To Journeys isn’t just here to provide free resources. It’s also here to help you achieve your goals. That means that though a resource may be free, it may not be indexed because it’s not very useful. Some free resources are excluded from Dreams To Journeys because they have an alternative that far outshines them.

Certain resources are not included because they either continually upsell you, their best features are behind a paywall, or they watermark your content.

There are a lot of resources that offer free tiers that are so limited, the consumer has no choice but to upgrade. From a business standpoint, this is understandable, but unless the resource is of great value, such a resource doesn’t help a Dreams To Journeys user much.