Content Ideas for you to share on social media

In need of some social media inspiration?

Are you in need of some social media inspiration? Not sure what to share with your followers? Here is a list of content ideas for you to share on social media.

Content Ideas for you to share on social media

Content Ideas for you to share on social media
  1. Share info about yourself and your humble beginnings
  2. Share the benefits of your digital products
  3. Share your favorite memes
  4. Share a list on how to start
  5. Share your favorite tools
  6. Share the benefits of your service
  7. Share your biggest mistakes
  8. Share your best wins
  9. Share a common occurrence in your industry
  10. Share the best advice you’ve ever gotten
  11. Share the worst ever you’ve ever gotten
  12. Share your favorite inspirational words
  13. Share your childhood hero
  14. Share your motivational hero
  15. Share a tool that changed your life
  16. Share a testimonial from people you’ve helped
  17. Share a testimonial from your client
  18. Share inspirational quotes from books you’ve read
  19. Share a lucky moment you had
  20. Share a summary of your monthly accomplishments
  21. Share common myths in your industry
  22. Share a breakdown of your daily tasks
  23. Share frequently asked questions you get
  24. Share insights you’ve discussed with peers in your market
  25. Share essential tips and tricks in your niche
  26. Share the profiles of creators you follow
  27. Share your most successful product
  28. Share vital news everyone should know
  29. Share a trend you think is on the rise
  30. Share a trend you think is dying off
  31. Share your business statistics
  32. Share heartfelt moments you had with your family
  33. Share funny moments you had with your friends
  34. Share educational videos your followers need to learn
  35. Share infographics with quick and concise info
  36. Share deals on software that’s helped you out
  37. Share your opinion about trending topics
  38. Share provoking questions to increase engagement
  39. Share a creative giveaway in a contest
  40. Share a step-by-step tutorial
  41. Share “behind the scenes” content
  42. Share your current book reading list
  43. Share your current music playlist
  44. Share a dream you wish came true
  45. Share your wisdom about the state of the world
  46. Share a question that’s gotten you confused a few times
  47. Share constructive criticism you’ve gotten from a friend or rival
  48. Share a YouTube video you constantly go back to
  49. Share a GIF that makes you chuckle
  50. Share an answer to a commonly asked question
  51. Share links to your most-used tools
  52. Share job posts or opportunities that are opening up in your industry
  53. Share an important day in history that relates back to your niche
  54. Share a live moment with a fellow creator
  55. Share a video review of a product you absolutely love
  56. Share a product you just posted on Product Hunt
  57. Share your newest blog post
  58. Share a course you just took
  59. Share your top-performing posts
  60. Share a free guide with info you think your fans should know
  61. Share a template you think could help people in your niche get started faster
  62. Share tiny cute or funny moments you had while just living life
  63. Share a trick you think would help reduce stress during a common task

Where should you share these content ideas?


You should share your content ideas on Facebook if you’re trying to raise your awareness in a Facebook Group. Facebook Groups are one of thbest e places to grow a thriving community especially if your audience is of a mature age.

Genres that work well: news, entertainment, family, comedy


You should share your content ideas on Twitter if you focus more on written content. Twitter is very good for content like blogs.

Genres that work well: news, politics, culture, comedy.


As of 2022, TikTok is on the rise so it is very beneficial for all types of genres. You should share your content ideas on TikTok if you’re trying to get your follower count up quickly. TikTok now has users of all ages, but it is still primarily where the youth are.

Genres that work well: trends, comedy, tips, culture, music.


You should share your content ideas on Instagram if you have a visual brand. Make engaging video/reel content. If you make text images, make sure they have good contrast that helps them stand out.

Genres that work well: design, photography, entertainment, comedy.


You should share your content ideas on LinkedIn if you’re trying to grow a professional network. LinkedIn is growing more diverse in the type of content it has, but it still primarily has a professional setting.

Genres that work well: news, business, tips.


You should share your content ideas on Pinterest if you enjoy making visual content. Think of Pinterest more as a search engine for images. If your content is inspirational or has a certain aesthetic, it should work well on Pinterest.

Genres that work well: aesthetic, culture, food, fashion, home.

Go create

I apologize if there were any duplicate content ideas in my list. Hopefully, I provided enough content ideas for you to share on social media. I hope this list brings some value to your marketing process.

This post of content ideas is here to help you get started faster. So make sure that you’re not just using it to create even longer moments of procrastination.

Pick something, and go create.

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