Create content.

What can you do as a creator to increase your chances of success?

Create content.

Sometimes we can spend far too much time on the planning, and not enough time on the esecution.

I can easily spend the whole day searching for different fonts, going through different color palettes, sketching out new designs, brainstorming new ideas, and not even realize that I have yet to put anything out.

I didn’t post on social media, I didn’t put out a new blog post, I didn’t even execute on my video idea I thought was so good.

I think more creators need to check themselves.

Make sure we’re not just wasting away our time on brainstorming sessions for no reason.

We have to press publish.


This can be attached to a larger conversation about time management, or accountability, or even finding out what part of our work really gives us joy. But the bottom line is, we want to step away from being passive with our creations.

I understand the struggle of not wanting to put something out because “it’s not ready” or “it’s not perfect yet” or “nobody will like it”. But how can we get to that level of quality that we desire without first hitting the level of quantity required?

We have to remember to press publish.

More eyes on our projects equals more chance of success. Equals putting ourselves in a better position to do what we love, full-time.

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