Fesliyan Studios

Free sound effects for your video editing, adobe premiere projects, YouTube videos, plays, video games and more.

About Fesliyan Studios

Fesliyan Studios is a free digital resource that helps you discover free sound effects. It has music as well, but the music is only free for non-commercial use.

Key features

  • 10+ music moods
  • 40+ music genres
  • 200+ types of sound effects with multiple variations
  • Music is also organized by use-cases like “chase scenes” and “jump scare effects”
  • This resource is perfect for YouTube videos and video games
  • HQ MP3 royalty-free instrumental downloads
  • Stock library music for podcasts, YouTube , video editing, presentations, commercial use

Video review

A video tour of this resource’s features and how useful they can be for you on your journey.

Copyright info

Yes. This resource may require you to give attribution/credit.

This resource has conditional rules based on what kind of content you’re using.

Because mistakes can happen, and policies can change, I recommend you stay up to date with the resources you use, and if their usage rules are available, keep a copy of them for your own records.

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