Gumroad helps Creators make more money

An easy way to make more money with your digital products.

There are so many reasons why Gumroad is a fantastic place to sell your digital products, but many Creators aren’t taking advantage of Gumroad’s affiliate capabilities.

Gumroad recognizes that Creators work together, and communities often intertwine. So they made it very simple for Creators to help each other out by becoming affiliates for each other’s content.

Gumroad helps Creators make more money

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate, in the context of selling digital products, is a person who promotes a product or service on behalf of someone else in order to receive a commission.

Gumroad not only provides Creators with a platform to sell their digital products but also allows them to have their peers sell their products as well. By making someone an affiliate of your product, you benefit in several major ways:

  1. You benefit from having someone boost your product’s awareness. They do all the marketing for you.
  2. A commission-based system allows you to save money on a sales team as your affiliate only makes money when they have sold your product.
  3. Depending on who is marketing your product, this can enable you to reach a larger audience than you ever would have by yourself.
  4. It takes very little effort. Gumroad makes it so simple and easy to add affiliates to your products.

How to add a Gumroad affiliate

  1. Create an account on Gumroad.
  2. Add your digital product to Gumroad.
  3. Go to your dashboard.
  4. Press on your account name and press “Affiliates”.
  5. Press “Add affiliate”.
  6. Fill out the affiliate form.
  7. If you wanted to sell a product on Dreams To Journeys, you would enter “” into the email field.
  8. Pick your product.
  9. Set the affiliate fee to 10% and hit “Add affiliate”.
  10. Leave the Destination URL Empty.

Closing thoughts

I try to benefit from the way Gumroad helps Creators make more money and I hope you will too. For more info on Gumroad affiliates, visit here. If you ever want to sell your products on Dreams To Journeys, visit here.

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