Helping Graphic Artists take commissions

Helping graphic artists take commissions easier so they can get started faster.

I often feel jealous of Graphic Artists since their gift allows them to not only make a lot of different types of products, but also easily create social media content.

Many things can be sold by graphic artists, including design assets, graphic packs, print-on-demand items, and social media avatars.

Their content creation can easily be a documentation of their process. On TikTok, they can make play-by-play videos, or on YouTube, they can make longer videos, such as timelapses and tutorials.

Taking commissions is a great way for Graphic Artists to earn money. Because freelancing allows artists to obtain higher-priced clients, it is a good business model for them to look into.

Helping Graphic Artists take commissions

Many Graphic Artists advertise their services on Fiverr and while I think this is a good way to make money, I don’t think it’s a good way to stand out. Especially if you intend to convert your side hustle into a full-time business.

In order to help Graphic Artists make more money, I created a website specifically designed to assist them in taking commissions.

This website I made is a Carrd Template.

The site is fast, clean, and responsive. Because it’s made on Carrd, the cost of creating a website is much less than using a platform such as WordPress, Webflow, or Wix.

Now, why should a Graphic Artist use this Carrd Template? It’s mainly due to the features I’ve integrated. In this template, you can take commissions at a variety of price levels using Tally Forms.

Artists can offer varying packages to their clients with less friction. It is easily possible for clients to answer simple questions and to submit a reference photo as well.

It is my hope that this business idea has been helpful to all Graphic Artists out there. To learn more about selling, explore here.

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