How to Launch your Saas Product in 5 Minutes

Introducing Gravity, the leading Node.js SaaS boilerplate that helps you launch your Saas product in 5 minutes.

Hello SaaS developers and entrepreneurs.

Are you tired of wasting precious time building your products? Are you in the need to ship faster?

Introducing Gravity, the leading Node.js SaaS boilerplate that allows you to spin up a new product in just 5 minutes.

With over 400 companies and developers already trusting Gravity, you’ll join a community of successful businesses that have saved over 200,000 hours in build time.

Check out these features to see if Gravity is a good fit for you:

  • A seamless invite system for multiple organizations with different roles
  • A user management dashboard for administrators
  • A central dashboard for mission control
  • The ability to view metrics, track events, collect feedback and log errors all in one place
  • Subscription payments with Stripe
  • Social media logins (over 500 networks supported)
  • Tons of pre-built components
  • Send beautiful email notifications
  • Hunt down and annihilate bugs in seconds

Imagine having everything you need to build a SaaS application at your fingertips. How convenient that would be. Explore Gravity and launch your Saas product right away.

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