Important Seller Policies

Important Seller Policies from your favorite ecommerce platforms.

People don’t like reading the terms and conditions. Spoiler alert: I am people. But if you’re going to make your livelihood off of other people’s platforms, you should probably make sure you’re following their rules.

Many people have lost their businesses by not following their platform’s very important seller policies. Let’s not have that happen to you.

This is where I will compile a list of seller guidelines so you can keep informed. Before you explore them, please keep in mind two things:

  1. When looking for a better understanding of a contract/policy, it’s always going to be best practice to hire a lawyer. You can always even contact the platform themselves, but you want someone in your corner whose best interest is aligned with yours.
  2. Policies and guidelines are updated all the time so even when you follow these links, make sure you’re browsing the most updated version.

Important Seller Policies

Important Payment Provider Policies

Most e-commerce companies aren’t the actual companies that are processing your payments. Keep informed of the Agreements and Policies used by popular payment providers.

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