FREE LOFI. Music that is simplified, and affordable.

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I created FREE LOFI out of frustration with difficult copyright licenses.
I didn’t think the music providers I was finding were being very clear in their music usage licenses.

There are so many music catalogues that claim to be copyright free, yet when I read their licenses, their music happened to be copyrighted with extensive conditions.

There are popular music services that claim to be royalty-free services, yet you have to consistently keep paying every month. I believe that when most people search for the term “royalty-free”, they’re not expecting to have to be making ongoing payments.

With so many creators on the rise, music shouldn’t still be this difficult.

There are many music service subscription programs, but when you’re a beginner, a monthly subscription for music can actually be really expensive.

FREE LOFI is my attempt to simplify music and make it more affordable.

free lofi

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