Lo-Fi tunes have this unique ability to create a sense of belonging.

Lo-fi music draws in millions and millions of listeners across the internet. Especially on YouTube.

It’s perfect for letting soothing rhythms and calm tempo get you in the zone.

A lot of people who tend to listen to Lo-Fi music tend to not just love the music, but the community as well.

Lo-Fi tunes have this ability to create a sense of belonging and the popularity of Lo-Fi music may be because it’s designed to do exactly that.

Familiar Sounds

Because of how it’s recorded, Lo-fi is actually a term that can apply across many different genres of music.

Low Fidelity music often encompasses a lot of environmental sounds. You can find soundtracks with people walking outside, or the rustling of leaves on the ground. There are even a lot of songs with traffic zooming by in a busy metropolis.

The familiar rhythms comfort people in a similar way that nostalgia does. There are Lo-Fi sounds, like the sound of a line from an old show or an analog instrument, that enhance that nostalgic feeling.

The way the sounds are recycled from earlier times gives Lo-Fi music the ability to draw in listeners of all ages. You’re going to have some listeners using it to chill, study, get work done, and others using it to recall times gone by.

One of the best methods a lot of Lo-Fi artists incorporate into their work is sampling sounds from classic tv shows or classic speakers.

This enhances the nostalgic feelings by bringing the past to the future. Drawing the listener towards a time they’ve long forgotten.

Lo-Fi music takes inspiration from hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock…. Its capability to take bits and pieces from all types of different genres make so many variations of Lo-Fi music possible.

If Lo-Fi music keeps incorporating many genres, and keeps incorporating our past, can it ever not be popular?

If you ever need some Lo-Fi music to chill to, check out this playlist.

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