What are Microsites?

Let's examine what microsites are and why you may want to use one.

You may have heard of the term “microsite” before and wondered exactly how they differ from regular websites. Many beginners should actually consider adding a microsite to their digital strategy.

Before you decide whether microsites would be a good match for your marketing strategy, let’s examine what microsites are and why you may want to use them.


What are Microsites?

Microsites are websites (or single web pages) created by people or brands exclusively for the purpose of promoting their products, services, events, or campaigns.

These websites are hosted on their own domain or another company’s subdomain and can  have a different URL than their company’s main website.

There are a wide range of websites that fall under the microsite category, which makes it hard to settle on a definition. Some people consider a single landing page a microsite, and some consider multiple pages a microsite. Both can be correct.

Should you make  a Microsite?

There are a lot of benefits to creating a microsite. 

Microsites are perfect for beginners when it comes to marketing because many social media platforms have link restrictions. Microsites can be a perfect one-link strategy for your social media page.

When you’re a beginner and you don’t yet have the capital to fund your own website, a microsite can give you the ability to promote yourself to your followers.

Whenever you create a microsite, make sure the experience is tailored to the business goals you intend to achieve. A lot of your followers may only know you for one particular thing and this may be a good opportunity to promote your other skills. 

If you’re worried about a social media platform dying, a microsite can be perfect for attaining emails so you can bring your followers over to another platform later on. Microsites can even be perfect for launching a new product your followers may be interested in.

If deployed correctly with your business goals, microsites can prove to be an extremely powerful marketing tool that provides value from many different perspectives:

Building Awareness for your Brand

Microsites that are engaging, informative, interactive, and shareable can connect your brand to multiple audiences. 

Whatever your industry or business model, building this kind of brand awareness is essential to driving sales. You must educate customers about your brand and its value before you can convince them to purchase your product. 

Having an established brand presence is critical to boosting your company’s growth because consumers have become increasingly social (searching for reviews online, asking friends for advice, and sharing sales with their own followers).

Building Brand Engagement

Engaged customers are better customers who are happier and more enthusiastic about your brand. By seeing and believing in the value your brand offers, people become loyal to your brand and anticipate its future offerings.

Growing engagement can also be a source of financial reward for you. The likelihood of returning customers is higher when they are engaged. 

Having a microsite that energizes your current and prospective followers makes it more likely that they’ll share it with their friends.

Microsites are incredibly effective tools for generating engagement with your brand, as they allow you to grow your reach and awareness in ways you can’t achieve from  just using the basics of a social media app.

Building Leads

The use of microsites can generate new leads, increase sales, and increase engagement rates. Microsites also offer a valuable opportunity for attracting people to your sales funnel. 

Despite their simplicity and straightforward approach, these sites are extremely effective at turning viewers into customers.

It is most important for your subscribers to have a fun, easy to use site. You should avoid adding unnecessary features that will make your site cumbersome for them.

When it comes to improving your sales or promoting a service, having a highlighted “call to action” button can make all the difference. The call to action on your microsite should align with your brand, products, or services so that visitors will be compelled to explore your microsite, even if it involves leaving the social media app.

Microsites should be designed with the same consideration as traditional websites. Build each microsite with a strategy and design that supports your goals and objectives. 


Even though microsites aren’t for everyone, they can still serve a variety of creators across a  wide range of niches. 

When optimized and strategically planned, a microsite can contribute significantly to your marketing objectives.

I suggest every creator has some kind of microsite. Not just for the marketing uses I outlined above, but to increase their brand presence. 

Here are some free microsite options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsites

A microsite may be a bad idea if you already have an established website. If the microsite is of similar information, it could drive web traffic form your main website pages.

Microsites are typically not large full websites so if you find that there’s only one landing page, you may be on a microsite.

Another identifying factor could be that there are more likes on the site that actual content.

Explore this list of free microsite options, then follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and choose what kind of website you want to create.
  2. Choose your starting point by choosing a template.
  3. Customize your template with text, links, videos (if the platform supports it), and your brand colors.
  4. Save and publish your microsite to make it live.
  5. Grab the link for your microsite and insert it into your social media bios.

The best way to make your microsite stand out is to purchase your own domain name and connect it to your microsite. This solidifies your brand as more trustworthy.

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