Youtuber practices you may want to avoid

Standard practices of YouTubers that are so overused you might want to avoid them.

On August 12th 2022, YouTuber and Editor Hayden Hillier-Smith asked Twitter a question: “What common editing or creative things [do] YouTubers do that annoy you?”

Just a few hours into the tweet, almost a hundred people had responded. Among the responders were fellow editors and other Youtubers. as so many of these responses came from like-minded creators, it may be beneficial for you to be aware of some of their comments.

Youtuber practices you may want to avoid

Here are some common Youtuber practices you may want to avoid

  • Copying MrBeast
  • Cutting to a meme too much
  • Focusing more on retention than your storyline
  • Not showing your personality
  • The common trend of people trying to get MrBeast clout by bringing him a gift
  • Consistent fast-paced shouting
  • Very long intros
  • The trend of cutting to the tv SMPTE color bars after an awkward joke
  • Unnecessary exaggerated energy
  • Taking way too long to explain a topic for the sole purpose of getting longer watch hours
  • Overcomplicated editing
  • Explaining how to do something instead of showing it
  • Thumbnails with shocked faces
  • False clickbait
  • Bad audio
  • Unnecessarily splitting a video into multiples parts
  • Focusing on quantity over quality
  • Cameras being too close to the Creator’s face
  • Asking the audience to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell before you’ve brought them any value
  • Using overused sound effects
  • Putting ads far too early into the video
  • Giving fans weird nicknames
  • Unnecessary transitions
  • Overused and large subtitles
  • Overusing special effects
  • Copying another YouTuber’s style

Closing thoughts

Often when people are beginners in a field, they may feel insecure about their work. Because they’re worried about other people’s opinions, they fear showing their work to the world.

The way they sometimes manage to make their work look presentable is by imitating a more established or popular creator.

What a lot of people may not realize is that a lot of audiences are fans of authenticity. When certain trends become too common and overused, it can actually be more beneficial to not imitate a popular creator.

Something to keep in mind as you go through your journey.

I hope you got some value from this list of Youtuber practices you may want to avoid. I wish you good luck on your journey.

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